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About Daou Group

About Daou Group

Daou Group is a South Korean corporation specializing in IT services including software development, network solution, e-commerce, system integration and system management, and especially in system integration tasks based on solution, it has a leading position.

Daou Group expanded to 19 companies of IT, finance, services and construction through consistent expansion of task fields for the last 30 years, and among them, 7 companies were enlisted into the stock market.

Daou Group has Kiwoom Securities, the largest online finance company with the largest market share in South Korea, and the largest credit rating corporation and finance broadcasting company as its subsidiary company, and is growing to be the most representative IT corporation group of South Korea with approximately 4,000 workers.


Content & Service



Kidari Studio

MultiBits Image

Kidari Ent


Kiwoom Securites

Kiwoom Investment

Kiwoom Securites Indonesia

Kiwoom Investment Management

Kiwoom Saving Bank


Kiwoom Asset Planner

Kiwoom Investment Asset Management

IT Solution & Service

Daou Tech


Daou Incube

Korea Infomation Certified Authentication

Mirae Technology

Daou Dalian

Daou Japan

Baro Book


Daou & Kiwoom

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