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Parking Service

Nami Building Parking Services

The carpark of Nami Building is divided into two sections – floor parking and tower parking – and there are 232 parking spots in total.

Floor parking: currently 127 spots
Tower parking: currently 105 spots, (tower parking system is a notable business that was built and has been in operation since 2015.)

Daeyang Group is currently the leading organization for tower carparks in Korea, and an automated tower parking system made by Daeyang Group is used. Daeyang Group is a hi-tech organization that has been specializing in researching and developing, planning, designing, making, installing, repairing and managing tower parking systems since November 2001. Tower parking systems allow convenient parking, makes efficient use of space, uses less energy, makes less noise and has a nice design and is easy to install.

The length of the tower parking system is 63.95 meters, 5 levels in height. The elevator moves at a speed of 15-20 meters per second, and it moves sideways at the speed of 7.5 meters/second. More cars can be parked in limited land area, solving carpark space problems.

Parking task contact: (+86)0411-39731501/39731500

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